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Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

  • Started 27 May 2021
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  • London

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In our Drugs and Alcohol Awareness course you will learn about addictions and the problems associated with drug and alcohol misuse. You will learn about the basic counselling skills that are required when treating individuals substance misuse disorder. You will explore how alcohol can lead to addiction, due to its ability to create significant changes in the human physiology and brain chemistry, some individuals might overly rely on the properties of alcohol to relieve stress, relax, and improve mood. You will explore the types of drug abuse and who is more at risk of developing an addiction, you will also explore the effects of misusing drugs. You will consider that despite someone’s willingness to engage in recovery and to completely quit a substance, some intrusive thoughts and cravings for a drug might still appear out of nowhere. This course will look at detoxification, or detox and you will learn that it is the process of removing any chemicals and substances associated with a drug from one’s body. A detox process helps individuals safely manage their withdrawal symptoms when they stop consuming alcohol or drugs. You will learn that addictions affect the brain and behaviour in such a way that people who misuse substances regularly find it difficult to resist urges and to quit. At the end of our drugs and alcohol awareness course you will look at the factors that can significantly decrease the well-being of someone who misuses substances to cope with the demands of their life.

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